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  • Raneen Al Shams Building Materials Trading LLC

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Raneen Al Shams Building Material Trading Dealing in all kinds of building material Various kinds of building materials 1)pvc,ppr,upvc,hpvc pipes and fittings 2)dd electrical pipes and fittings 3)cement,tile glue,tile grout 4)silicon,fevicol,pufoam,masking tapes,aluglass tapes 5)pvc trunking,cp rods 6)thread rod,channel(stud,track,furring,c channel) 7)l angle,wall angle 8) lights,led,tubelight,panel light,round panel light ceiling light 9)paints national paints,jotun,mas paints dyes,(catalyst,primer) thinner stucco,jollyfix 10)spray paint,paint brush,paint roller (9" and 4"),scrapper,karandi masonary items 11)door fittings and door locks along with door lock body 12)drill bitts,steel bits,concrete bits 13) safety jacket,safety shoe,safety hyarness 14)drywall screws,gypsum screws.Fine and coarse thread 15)sanitary items faucet

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